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2/25/2012 08:00:00 PM

So excited. I'm trying to write this post in English, readers. Correct me if I'm wrong, okay?
Actually, I have so many assigment to be finished, but I waste my time to write this post. Writing in English isn't as easy as I think before. LOL.

Okay, go straight to the point.
I wanna tell you about my activities recent days, readers. My friends and I try to dance Saman Dance from Aceh for our art practical examination. Two days ago, at Lydia's home we started our practice. We learned from youtube. I never think before that there's an American girl who can dance this dance well and we learn from her. Omg!

We have learned 3 parts of 6 six parts in that day. That was not so bad, I think. Yeah. and today... we show our dance in front of class. Yuhuu! We're so glad with a little bit nervous.

This is us! LOL. Don't ask which I am. This photo was taken by Tista, my friend, who chooses to be a soloist and sings Christina Aguilera's song - Hurt. She has a good voice, anyway. :)

Oh, yeah. We're only four. Too less I think, but it's okay. I really like this group.
Today, after school we practiced at Putri's home, but we practiced only part 4 and 5.

So tired, actually. But I enjoy that. For a moment, I could forget my problems, TPBI test which will be held tomorrow, forget about Ganesha Operation's TO which we missed this 2 days.

I like this 2 days. Love how four of us tell our own stories about family, friends, school, and ourselves. I love when we prayed Dzuhur and Ashar together. I love how they called me "adek" because I'm the youngest of them. I love them. Thank u for yesterday, today, and tomorrow, God. I love my life. I love You! :) 

Watch us! :D

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