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Tips: When You Lost Something

10/27/2011 05:38:00 PM

I have some tips that you can do when you lost your favorite things. I hope this would be useful for you.

1.       Don’t panic. Don’t be easy to cry. Why? Because panic and crying will broke everything. Panic can bother your other activity. Crying can make you fell to the deep regretful. Both of them just waste your valuable time.

2.       Think positive. You must do this. Because only thinking positive can make you calm. Suggest your self, “it is still close to me and I’ll find it.”

3.       Remember your way. You have to remember the place that you have visited or passed before you realize that you lost it. Where you see the thing for the last time.

4.       Look for the thing. This is the time to search your lost thing. Stay cool and slow down. Ask your friends or someone you know to help you. 

5.       If you don’t find it, believe that God has another better thing to you. He won’t examine you out of your ability. Believe! if the thing is yours, it will come back to you sooner or later

6.       Go on your daily activities with smile. Keep moving forward! :)

Note : HEART doesn’t include into that something..  ;)

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  1. setuju utk no 6. wkwk

    eh ida, eike sekalian promosi blog baru eike,hehe
    semoga niat ngunjunginnya =="


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